OEM collaboration

OEM Collaboration Programs

We help OEM customers lower control system costs in a variety of industrial fields. We design and manufacture electrical controls for a wide variety of industrial applications, with strong emphasis on private labeling for those OEM customers in both markets, along with the ability to perform high volume panel production. As an independent integrator, our allegiance is only to our customers. We are able to selct the best fit for your application when it comes to PLC, SCADA, and networking.
Brand independence is one way to keep costs down. The other way we accomplish cost controls is through volume pricing, which yields savings we pass on to our customers.
We have developed services and processes that help us do a better job of helping Customers. These include the following:
  •    Product Standardization
  •    Support
  •    Specification Compliance Expertise
  •    Private Labeling
  •    Volume Pricing
  •    24/7 On-line Access To All Job Information
  •    On-time Delivery
  •    Remote Monitoring
Some examples of OEM customers who can trust us as a design and fabrication partner are as follows :
We can provide blower protection and control systems for manufacturer of industrial compressors, blowers, and pumps, HVAC systems. We review engineering specifications, write control specifications, provide control systems proposals, and consult with end users to define control needs. We design job-specific controls, generate engineering drawings, prepare submittals and O&M manuals, build panels, perform HMI and PLC programming, and provide testing and field startup services.