Flow metering and custody transfer

Flow Metering And Custody Transfer

  •    Industry faces a set of unique automation challenges for its specialized processes- Gas flow metering & custody transfer, Pressure reducing stations, tank gauging a few to name. Industrial system integrators and OEMs which follow the philosophy of one size fit all for their product and solution offering fail to appreciate the distinctive nature of these process requirements. The result is an automation solution that is not optimized to control the process resulting in operational in-efficiencies, bottle necks & safety concerns for the end users.

  •   La Quanta Technology's specialized gas solutions are designed to address the exclusive operational needs of the oil & gas, Steel, Power, Glass, Chemical and other core industry sectors. La Quanta Technology due to its vast experience and core focus in gases such as Natural gas, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Argon in various industries understands the criticality & impact of these specialized processes in your value chain, and has designed solution to address these specialized needs. Our design, technology selection and implementation are all driven by process requirements; this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

  •    A Number of flowmeter technologies are used for metering: Orifice(differential Pressure), Turbine, Positive displacement, Coriolis and Ultrasonic. While the same basic technologies are used for normal process control, the very large volumes involved in most custody transfer applications demand accuracy typically greater than process metering, because it is cash register.