Gas failure device LSG

Gas Failure Device LSG

We offer Gas failure device LSG.*
LSG-4: Isolating amplifier, signal device, status indicator for signals from the ex-area (equipment according to ATEX 100a, category 2..)
  •   4-channel isolating switching amplifier
  •   Cable monitoring (break and short circuit)
  •   Protection IP 54
  •   Maximum 4 initiators e.g. magnetic spring contacts or proximity initiators. Effective
  •   direction individually for each channel or closed-circuit principle
  •   Signaling output: 2 relay outputs (changeover contact)
  •   Visual and audible message on the instrument – forwarding possible through potential-free contact

  • Available in two versions:
    •    LSG-4 smart: Gas failure device
           4-way isolating amplifier and low-level-signaler,
           for signals from ex-areas
    •    LSG-4 comfort: Automatic switch-over between gas sources
           4-way isolating switching amplifier and signal device for automatic switch-over of up to two gas sources (automatically
           switching pressure control stations). Suitable for signals also from the ex area
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    * La Quanta Technology is authorised representative for LT Gasetechnik products in India.