Gas Safety Devices

Gas Safety Devices

We offer Gas Safety Devices from LT Gasetechnik.*

We have been producing gas related safety devices for almost half a century. LT safety devices are characterized by high duty components carefully selected to ensure a reliable function of the product/b>

LT safety devices are available in a variety of versions: for Acetylene, for Oxygen, as much as for all other flammable and non-flammable gases. All our safety devices are BAM-approved.

LT safety devices are produced according to current technical regulations as PED 97/23/EG, TRAC, UVV, BetrSichV, EN 730-1, EN 561 and ISO 5175-1. Production is performed in accordance with BGR 500/part 2, chap. 2.26 and BGR 500/part 2, chap. 2.32.

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* La Quanta Technology is authorised representative for LT Gasetechnik products in India.