Pressure regulator units

Pressure Regulator Units

We offer Pressure regulator units.*
The well known pressure regulator is as well available in various configurations as dome-loaded pressure control unit. The following configurations are offered as standard:
  •    Pressure gauge to indicate the inlet pressure and/or the outlet pressure
  •    Built-in pilot pressure controller, with self-relieving design
  •    Recirculation of the pilot pressure controller additionally with the output pressure

    The main advantages are:
  •    Very precise instantaneous
    pressure control without
    ,wobbling‘ even with large
    variations in inlet pressure or the
    required gas quantity
  •    Compensation of e. g.
    temperature induced pressure
    changes in the dome chamber by
    the pilot controller
  •    High stability of the output
    pressure by the pilot pressure
    regulator charged with outlet
  •    Easy adjustment by hand wheel, reversibility and direct readability at the gauge with marking pointer
  •    Large volume flows (N2 up to 2.000 Nm³/h in dep. of pressure conditions)
  •    Short overall length (127 mm) – esp. compared to pressure control panels with the same function
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* La Quanta Technology is authorised representative for LT Gasetechnik products in India.